Geo-INQUIRE Governance Structure

The Geo-INQUIRE Consortium is governed by a Consortium Agreement (CA) signed by all beneficiaries and partners. The project's governance structure was discussed in a meeting and approved by the Project General Assembly.

Project General Assembly (PGA)
The Project General Assembly is the highest decision-making body with 35 members representing project partners. It decides on project content, finances, and intellectual property rights, including changes to the Grant Agreement and consortium plans. Ordinary meetings occur annually, and decisions without meetings require a 51% member agreement.
Project Management Office (PMO)
Located in Germany, the Project Management Office oversees project coordination, communication with granting authorities, and ensures compliance. It consists of the Coordinator, Director, Manager, and Communications Officer, facilitating project execution and reporting.
Project Management Board (PMB)
The Project Management Board manages day-to-day project operations, coordinates meetings, suggests changes to the work program, and supports the coordinator. It consists of the PMO and Work Package leaders and holds ordinary quarterly meetings.
Service Implementation Board (SIB)
The Service Implementation Board represents research infrastructures (RIs) and advises on their integration at national and European levels. It analyzes RI integration, coordinates actions, and meets at least twice a year.
Technical Evaluation Boards (TEBs)
Technical Evaluation Boards assess technical feasibility and recommend projects for transnational access and training activities. They ensure data and product feedback to RIs and meet according to the call calendar.
Transnational Activity Review Panel (TARP)
Transnational Activity Review Panel reviews applications for transnational access and training activities, assessing scientific excellence and relevance. It coordinates calls, approves them, and ensures equal opportunities and diversity.
External Review and Advisory Board (ERAB)
External Review and Advisory Board comprises international experts who review project progress and provide advice. They work closely with PMB, attend Project General Assemblies, and analyze ethical matters related to the project.
Equality, Diversity and Integration Panel (EDIP)
Equality, Diversity and Integration Panel assesses equality, diversity, and inclusiveness in the project, contributing to the selection process for TA and training activities. It identifies best practices and meets at least twice a year to enhance project inclusivity.