Overview of Virtual Access installations

Virtual Access to enhanced game changing observables of the geosphere

The goal of WP2 is to support and to enhance access to European Research Infrastructures (RIs) FAIR-based data services that are relevant to curiosity-driven research dealing with the geosphere. A concerted effort is made to integrate the independent services that fall within each infrastructure, thus offering scientists in Europe new opportunities to undertake research across multiple hazards and scientific disciplines.

Virtual Access to products enabling curiosity-driven science for geohazard and multi-risk assessment

WP3 provides a framework for virtual access to products enabling curiosity-driven sciences for geohazard and multi-risk assessment, and is divided into 5 service portfolios, each of which offer a set of services within cross-disciplinary and synergetic scientific  disciplines. Each service portfolio refers to a specific task in the workpackage.

Virtual Access to products enabling curiosity-driven science for georesources exploration and exploitation

WP4 activities focus on the provision of access to data and transnational access to facilities through the following infrastructures: EPOS GIM, EPOS AH, and ECCSEL. The main objective of this work package is to increase the coverage, the use, and number of  users of georesource data and facilities by improving access to data services based on European FAIR research infrastructures and supporting curiosity-driven georesource researchers. The content of WP4 is a key element for accessing data products, services, integrated data access, and transnational access with respect to subsurface characterisation. The geoscientific focus will be on geological information and modelling (GIM), anthropogenic hazards (AH), as well as CO2 capture, use and storage (CCUS)

Virtual Access to the next generation of software as a service

WP5 provides Virtual and Transnational Access (VA and TA) to more than 20 compound installations, formed by almost 40 sub-installations by 7 RIs belonging to the EPOS-ERIC and the ChEESE Centre of Excellence for Exascale in Solid Earth, and to two of the largest European High-Performance Computing (HPC) centres (CINECA, BSC). Virtual Access is provided to the Simulation Data Lake (SDL) and to 10 Software services from four different infrastructures.