Terms and conditions for participants in Geo-INQUIRE transnational access, communication and dissemination activities

Designation of the data acquisition

The following personal data may be collected for the registration and/or application processes within the scope of Geo-INQUIRE transnational access, communication and dissemination activities: title, first name, last name, academic degree, email address, gender, nationality, phone number, position, scientific field (and related questions). Name, legal status, department, address, city, post code, country of their home organisation.

Registrants of communication and dissemination activities (such as training, workshops, summer schools, personalised training, seminars, among others) are responsible for the veracity of the provided information and agree to provide the collected information by registering for such activities.

For Transnational Access (TA) applications, the project Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for the veracity and completeness of the information provided about themselves and the other team members. If PIs and/or team members work in one of the Geo-INQUIRE partner organisations, they should not be directly involved in the Geo-INQUIRE, therefore, be external to the project.

Purposes of the processing of personal data

Data will be collected and processed by the Geo-INQUIRE Consortium and its Associated Partners only for the purposes of advertisement, organisation, execution and reporting of transnational access, communication and dissemination activities, and when applicable, for related evaluation procedures. Collected personal data will not be made publicly visible or available by other means, unless previously agreed with the data subjects.

For TA projects selected for funding, first and last name of PIs and team members, home organisation, project title and/or description may be disclosed in the project website after access is granted and successfully negotiated.

Recipients of the personal data

Collected data will be received and processed by Geo-INQUIRE consortium partners, its affiliated entities, and/or responsible Geo-INQUIRE consortium bodies, and the persons that represent them. Data may be accessed by consortium partners or external board members outside of the EU, under the rules of the project’s Data Management Plan (DMP) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), for the above-mentioned purposes. All data will always be handled under confidentiality.

Data and information may be transferred to the Research Executive Agency of the European Commission, at any time upon their request.

Origin and categories of personal data processed

When selection processes are foreseen, identity verification is considered to be done by the applicant’s home organisation. The Geo-INQUIRE Consortium will not handle or request identity documents (such as Passport or identity cards, among others) within the scope of its activities.

In certain cases, access may be granted based on contractual arrangements between the User and the Access Provider. Specific installations and/or organisations providing access or organising events through Geo-INQUIRE may request identity information to abide with their internal practices, especially for the cases where financial support is involved. None of this information is allowed to be made public under the context of or related to the Geo-INQUIIRE Consortium

Recordings of audio and video material

Presentations within the context of Geo-INQUIRE communication and dissemination activities may be recorded and made publicly available in the project website. In these cases, the participants will be informed about the recording and the presenters must agree with the recording prior to the activity and take it into account with respect to the material and information that is being released, including slides presentations.

General discussions and interactions between the event’s organisation and the participants will not be recorded and will not be made publicly available.   

Transfer of personal data to a third party

Personal data will not be transferred to third parties outside the Geo-INQUIRE consortium, its partners and affiliated entities, associated partners, consortium bodies, and the persons that represent them. No commercial use will be made or is allowed with the collected data.

Duration of storage of personal data

Data may be kept for at least until after 5 years of the project conclusion, following contractual definitions between the Consortium and the EU, depending on their relevance for reporting and/or auditioning. Other data may be deleted from the from the project archives the latest by the official conclusion of the action.

More information

For questions you can contact us at geo-i_pmogfz-potsdam.de. More information about Data Protection you can find here.


Latest version: 16 May 2024