Online Training Activities

12 September 2024 Registration open!

Webinar about PyBetVH software
25 June 20242nd Online Training "make your data FAIR": Research Data Management (presentation material available)

19 June 2024

EIDA-Wfcatalog and FDSN-Availability tutorial including clients usage examples
31 May 2024How to curate and check seismic station metadata & metadata changelog API (presentation material available)
30 April 20241st Online Training "make your data FAIR": Open Science Awareness (presentation material available)
23 - 24 April 2024Tsunami-HySEA course: Introduction and tips on installation (presentation material available)
4 April 2024Virtual training: Overview of ORFEUS EIDA services and how to use them (presentation material available)
25 March 2024Virtual training: New ESM webservices: use of “event-data” and “flatfile” (presentation material available)
11 - 14 March 2024ChEESE on-site training: "Computational volcanology: Modeling Volcanic eruptions using European flagship codes"
6 March 2024Virtual training: Overview of ORFEUS Strong-Motion Services and How to Use Them (presentation material available)
25 January 2024EPOS Data Portal Online Training (presentation material available)

6 - 7 November 2023

ETRiS - Geo-INQUIRE online training course: Empirical fragility and vulnerability curves for risk analysis (VA2-35-1) (presentation material available)

19 October 2023

EPOS Metadata Training within Geo-INQUIRE (presentation material available)

9-12 May 2023

2023 High Performance Seismology CyberTraining

11 & 25 May 2023

EPOS Data Portal Training

future events


 Multi-risk assessment: a training workshop using Geo-INQUIRE services


 Tsunami Risk Service: annual training/end-user testing workshop


 Access to Tsunami Catalogues – video materials


 TCS Geological Information and Modelling - Boreholes and 3D models