EGU Galileo Conference "Fibre Optic Sensing in Geosciences”


16 - 20 June 2024

The EGU Galileo Conference "Fibre Optic Sensing in Geosciences” will be in Catania (Italy) from 16 to 20 June 2024.

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More Information:

The conference aims to foster discussions among the diverse communities involved in this topic, including geoscientists, photonic experts, instrument manufacturers and fibre optic network providers. The ambition of the conference is to identify pathways for leveraging fibre optic networks and fibre optic sensing to improve resilience and sustainability in our modern Society.

The conference covers 5 scientific sessions:

  • Fibre optic sensing: Principles, Techniques and Solutions
  • Fibre as a sensor for geo-hazards and geo-energy systems monitoring
  • Fibre optic sensing in extreme environments
  • Processing, modelling and artificial intelligence for fibre optic sensing user
  • Leveraging existing fibre optic networks for improving resilience in our modern Society

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