PyBetVH online training

INGV Bologna and Geo-INQUIRE are pleased to invite participants to an online training on the PyBetVH software.

In this webinar we will go through the main features of PyBetVH, a software tool to model Probabilistic Volcanic Hazard Assessment through an event tree. In particular you will learn how to prepare the input files, how to run the model and what the output reults mean. We will try to run a small example, and you will be able to explore the example yourself by means of the example files we will provide you.

Date: This training has been shifted to 12 September 2024!

Location: Virtual training course  Register here!

Speaker: Laura Sandri (INGV) and Roberto Tonini (INGV)

Scope: The goal is to provide an overview of the software PyBetVH, that implements a Bayesian Event Tree model to compute volcanic hazard.

Research fields: Probabilistic volcanic hazard assessment (PVHA)

Target audience: Anyone wishing to perform PVHA with a Bayesian Event Tree


PyBetVH requires Python 3.x and the following Python modules/libraries:

  • wxpython 
  • numpy 
  • scipy 
  • matplotlib 
  • pillow (formerly known as PIL)

If participants have problems in installation, the help in advance of the webinar will be possible. 

The maximum number of participants is ten. The participant selection process will follow the Geo-INQUIRE rules.

Geo-INQUIRE promotes diversity and inclusion within the scope of the project. Therefore, applications from women and applications from colleagues working in one of the widening countries, associated countries and outermost regions of Horizon Europe will be given special attention during the evaluation process.