Eastern Sicily - Pizzi Deneri Observatory (TA3-83-2)


Not open in the 1st and 2nd call.


Hosting Institution:

Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia – Osservatorio Etneo, Italy


The ETNA VOLCANO OBSERVATORY (Osservatorio Etneo - INGV branch in Catania) supports research, and volcano monitoring and surveillance of the Sicilian volcanoes. Multi-parametric networks (seismic, infrasound, geodetic, geochemical, video-cameras, etc...) equipped with state-of-the art instrumentations are continuously running to provide  multidisciplinary observations for volcano monitoring and related hazard assessment. Data and products from ground- and satellite-based instrumentation are accessible through the EPOS data portal and the volcano gateway (http://vo-tcs.ct.ingv.it/).

Services offered:

Physical access to the Pizzi Deneri Observatory, a unique volcano facility for field observations and data recording next to the summit craters. The building is, in fact, located close to the summit craters of Mt. Etna volcano and it is suitable to support fieldwork for limited teams. The access to the observatory includes the lodging for the hosted research teams (offices, bedrooms, workshops, warehouses, kitchen and restrooms).

Modality of access:

Physical access to the Pizzi Deneri volcano observatory: Maximum of 2 projects will be supported BUT NOT FOR THE 1st CALL. Each project team can be composed by a maximum of 3 persons. The access unit is ‘1 working day’ and the maximum access per project is of 5 working days.

Multidisciplinary projects involving more than one installation at Eastern Sicily are supported and encouraged.


The physical access support includes:

  1. safety training;
  2. instrumentation training;
  3. technical support;
  4. field support and experiment set up;
  5. logistic support of technicians and operators  for managing the local facilities and transferring  the hosted scientists to/from the observatory.