Eastern Sicily - Sedimentology Lab (TA3-83-3)

Hosting Institution:

Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV), Italy


The ETNA VOLCANO OBSERVATORY (Osservatorio Etneo - INGV branch in Catania) supports research, and volcano monitoring and surveillance of the Sicilian volcanoes. Multi-parametric networks (seismic, infrasound, geodetic, geochemical, video-cameras, etc...) equipped with state-of-the art instrumentations are continuously running to provide multidisciplinary observations for volcano monitoring and related hazard assessment. Data and products from ground- and satellite-based instrumentation are accessible through the EPOS data portal and the volcano gateway (http://vo-tcs.ct.ingv.it/).

Services offered:

Physical access to the Laboratory of Sedimentology consisting in a CAMSIZER® (Retsch) and a Stereoscopic Zoom Microscope for the analysis of ash samples collected during fieldwork.

Modality of access:

Physical access to the Laboratory of Sedimentology: Maximum of 2 projects will be supported for the 1st call. Each project team can be composed by a maximum of 3 persons. The access unit is ‘1 working day’ and the maximum access per project is of 5 working days.

Multidisciplinary projects involving more than one installation at Eastern Sicily are supported and encouraged.


The physical access support includes:

  1. safety training;
  2. instrumentation training;
  3. technical support;
  4. field upport and experiment set up;
  5. the Laboratory of Sedimentology provides also supervision for preparing samples.

Contact person:

Gilda Currenti (gilda.currentiingv.it)