HySEA - Hyperbolic Systems and Efficient Algorithms

Hosting Institution:

Universidad de Málaga (UMA), Spain


Ch-HySEA is the numerical model of the HySEA family specifically designed for earthquake and landslide generated tsunami simulations. It combines robustness, reliability and good accuracy in a model based on a multi-GPU faster than real time (FTRT) implementation. Ch-HySEA model implements the generation, propagation, and coastal inundation tsunami phases.

Ch-HySEA service provides earthquake and landslide generated tsunami simulations at global, regional or local levels.

TA Access to the Ch-HySEA numerical model will consist of on-site (online with live support also available) training for a limited set of selected users. The support to the user includes co-design of the experiment (pre-processing tools), computational resources, and assistance for all phases during the usage of the service including the use of several post-processing tools.

The output is a suite of NetCDF files with all the data corresponding to the numerical simulations. Several Python/bash codes are provided as tools for pre or post-processing data.

Target community/Users:

Academic and Research community, Hazard Practitioners. Results can be used as input for warning systems in this framework.

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